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Educational Partners


The Gwaii Trust Society owns and manages a perpetual trust fund for the benefit of all residents of Haida Gwaii. The fund generates investmemt income and the Society distributes part of that income every year through a variety of grant programs.

Simon Fraser University

For over 20 years, Simon Fraser University has been ranked as one of the top 3 comprehensive universities in Canada. Named after a famous explorer known for his pioneering spirit, Simon Fraser University offers more than 100 undergraduate major and joint major programs and more than 45 graduate offerings spanning 8 different faculties from its 3 campuses in British Columbia.

SFU has supported the work of the Foundation with a contribution of $250,000 to the Fernandez Earle Scholarship Endowment Fund. The interest generated from the fund will help defray the cost to the Foundation of the annual scholarships.

Hawaii Pacific University

Hawaii Pacific University is an international learning centre set in the rich cultural context of Hawaii. Students from around the world pursue an education built on a liberal arts foundation. Offering both undergraduate and graduate programs in a wide variety of disciplines, the University provides students with the breadth of knowledge and the essential skills that they will need to participate as informed, responsible citizens of the world today.

HPU grants tuition waivers to students awarded the Scholarship Foundation of the Pacific scholarships. These waivers represent an annual contribution by the university of between $30,000 and $40,000.

The University of Hawaii

The University of Hawaii, founded as the College of Agriculture & Mechanic Arts in Honolulu in 1907 has grown to now consist of 10 campuses and educational centres spread throughout the 6 islands of Hawaii. It offers over 600 degree and certificate programs at both undergraduate and graduate levels as well as doctorate and associate degree programs. It is made up of a multi-cultural student body of over 50,000 students.

The U of H supports the Foundation with an annual contribution from the Kenneth and Lorraine Mortimer Foundation of between $5,000 and $6,000.

High Schools of the Haida Gwaii

Another vital relationship is with the high schools of the Haida Gwaii. Since inception, the Foundation has enjoyed an excellent working relationship with both Gidgalang Kuuyas Naay Secondary School, and with Gudangaay Tlaats'gaa Naay Secondary School in Masset. The schools have worked closely with the Foundation to help ensure their students are well informed about the scholarship program and to help ensure that the most deserving students are selected for these awards.

Christina Mary Hendrie Trust

Based in Scotland, the Christina Mary Hendrie Trust makes grants to Scottish and Canadian charities working with youth and the aged. In 2009, the Trust awarded a grant of $10,000 to support the Scholarship Foundation of the Pacific Endowment Fund at SFU.

Langara Fishing Adventures

Langara Fishing Adventures provides world class sport fishing and wildlife adventures at Langara Island, in British Columbia's remote Haida Gwaii.

In over 25 years of operations, Langara has introduced thousands of avid anglers and outdoor enthusiasts to the beauty and bounty of this incredible location, and have earned Langara Island a place amongst the great fishing destinations of the world.

Langara Fishing Adventures is a major supporter of the Scholarship Foundation of the Pacific.

Corporate & Individual Contributors

The Scholarship Foundation of the Pacific wishes to thank the many companies and individuals that have contributed to the success of the Foundation since its inception.