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Ben Drover

Great news . . . I have a job!

I’ve been working as an Registered Nurse in the local hospital in Queen Charlotte City for the past month and it’s been great. I’m learning loads of new things and the staff aren’t eating me alive like some older nurses tend to do to the younger ones.

Being home in Haida Gwaii and working with people that I’ve known for the better part of my entire life has been really nice. I’ve had a lot of people come in as patients and know me as the “Hawaii Boy”. Everyone seems to know about the FESF scholarship. I’ve had a few people who haven’t been here long so they don’t know this history of the scholarship so I’ve been filling them in when they ask why I went to school in Hawaii. Each time I’ve told people their eyes get wide and they wish that they were in high school again.

It’s a big change being back here and having graduated through the scholarship. I’ve been missing Hawaii a lot lately but I figure after so many years being there I should be able to handle a few years here (with the occasional trip back to Hawaii for a visiting trip to escape winter here).

The FESF has given me so much over the years so I wanted to let you know how it has been changing the Islands. I wouldn’t be where I am today if the scholarship hadn’t given me the chance those years ago. Even now I still think back on it and wonder if everything was really real or if I have just been dreaming about receiving the FES.

Beverley, Thank you so much for giving me this chance. A big “hello and thank you” to everyone from me.

The FESF has opened the door to the world for me by giving me the chance to get a post secondary education. When I first found out that I had received the Scholarship I remember being so surprised that a foundation, whose members had met me only twice previously, were willing to commit themselves to my education for the next four years. I don’t think that anyone, aside from recipients of the Scholarship, can fully understand how it feels to have that level of commitment and support at such a critical time in a person’s life.

Aside from having a great impact on my life, the FESF has also influenced the communities of the Queen Charlotte Islands. I have spoken with both elementary and high school students, who have told me that they’re already starting to work towards the application process for the Scholarship so that they’re prepared for their chance at being a recipient. Since its inception, the Scholarship has motivated students to work harder, set their sights higher and appreciate the opportunities the world has to offer.

I would like to thank all supporters of the FESF, past, present and future, for giving me this amazing opportunity and for supporting me throughout my years at HPU. To the FESF members who put their trust in me four years ago and have supported me both in and out of school, I am forever grateful for choosing me as a recipient of this Scholarship. I would also like to thank Kane Fernandez and Roger Earle, whose legacy has forever changed my life, and given me the opportunity of a lifetime.